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Escalation Matrix



Escalation matrix for EY Shoppe


Level 1 – Customer Service Team (Submission of your query)


The Customer can lodge a complaint in the following ways:


·       ?  Reaching out to us on  1800-102-5871 and lodge a complaint online.

·       ? You can also write to us at



·       Response to a user's query/ concern - 24 Business hours

·       Follow-up queries - 48 Business hours

·       Customer grievances resolution process - 48 Business hours



Level 2 – Escalation cases (Escalation, if the query is not resolved within 4 Business days)


·       ?  Reaching out to our grievances officer to Mr. Anubhav Pandey  on +91-9650070283 and lodge a complaint online.

·       ? You can also write to him at



·       Acknowledgement - 12 Business hours

·       Further response - 2 Business Days



Level 3 – Escalation cases


If customer is still not satisfied with the resolution received, or if customer do not hear from us within specified time limit after following the above mentioned escalation steps, he/she can escalate the issue to:-


Mr. Gaurav Bhagat
Managing Director, Consortium Gifts Pvt. Ltd


Email- |




·       Acknowledgement - 48 Business hours

·       Further response - 7 Business Days